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Finca Cims – Les Sentius d’en Joan Bta. Domenech 2009


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Varieties: Carinyena

Zone: DOQ Priorat

Les Sentius, at 630 meters, is one of the highest altitude estates in the D.O.Q Priorat. It is worked by Oriol and Adrià Domènech, farmers, brothers, and nephews of the late Joan Bta. “We often came to Les Sentius to help our uncle. He studied in Barcelona and was a photography enthusiast,” they tell us.

The estate is one of the few that was not planted by their ancestors. Les Sentius was planted in 1950, and years later, Joan Bta bought it. “This part up here is the amphitheater, and it’s all Carignan. On the lower side, there is a spectacular view where you can see all of Les Sentius,” Oriol explains.

Slate soil, west-facing, high altitude. It also gets a lot of wind. “This means that the grapes don’t ripen as much, and the wine has very fresh touches,” Adrià explains. He also tells us, “The amphitheater area is very nice to walk around, but the lower part is the steepest we have.”

The Domènech brothers are the sixth generation of winemakers. “There are at least 6 generations living, or surviving in some moments, from agriculture at Cal Pagès. Everything depended on the times, whether it was hazelnuts or grapes. At some points, life could be good, but at other times, they barely survived. In a way, those who endured and did not sell, uproot, or abandon the vineyards were rewarded when the Priorat boom arrived. And we could say: after many years of not being able to make a living from the old vineyards, after many vineyards in the Priorat were lost, we can now live decently from the land,” Adrià tells us.

“I have been a winemaker since I was 20 years old. But I have been a farmer all my life. If you are born into a farming family and live in a rural environment like the Priorat, you are a farmer from a very young age because you soak it up at home. Still, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, I didn’t ask myself at 10 years old. When I turned 18 and went to the vineyard every day, both Oriol and I realized that we liked it,” Adrià explains. “At 27, seeing that I liked it so much, I studied the Higher Degree in Viticulture in Falset to learn and delve deeper,” he adds.

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