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Family Wines is the online platform that connects projects in which the Pérez Ovejero family is involved. A large part of the products resulting from these projects appear in this marketplace, so that all these concerns, ideas and emotions can be felt.


Mas Martinet Viticultors

Mas Martinet is the mother of all the family projects.

Cims de Porrera

Cims de Porrera was born in 1996 out of the concern for the abandonment of the centenarian and native vines in Porrera.

La Vinya del Vuit

Project created in 2001 when Sara Pérez, René Barbier and 6 other friends joined.

Les Cousins Marc & Adrià

Created by cousins Marc and Adrià, it is a way to understand life through their wines.

Sara & René

René Barbier and Sara Pérez reclaimed a huge, old and abandoned vineyard and began their first project together.

Sindicat de la Figuera

La Cooperativa de La Figuera ofreció a Venus La Universal hacerse cargo de la gestión y la parte técnica, mientras los viticultores seguirían involucrados con las uvas.

Vinyes del Tiet Pere

Oriol Pérez de Tudela, Mercè Salvat, René Barbier and Sara Pérez joined to experiment withbthe vineyards that withstood anonymity and the passing of the decades, located in Vilabella.

Venus la Universal

Talking about Venus la Universal is talking about the most personal project of Sara Pérez and René Barbier.
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