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Finca Cims – La Coma de Ca l’Anton Grau 2005


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Varieties: Carinyena

Zone: DOQ Priorat

La Coma de Ca L’Anton Grau is an open and sun-exposed estate all day long. It belongs to Josep Bargalló, the fourth generation of farmers. In the early 19th century, La Coma belonged to the family, but they sold it. Years later, his mother’s godfather bought it back for it to stay in the family.

La Coma was planted by Josep’s great-grandfather around 1940. “My father was a member of the cooperative, but the lands belonged to my mother, although he worked them.” Bargalló explains that he has many memories at La Coma: from a very young age, he went there with his father to plow and work the land. “I remember that part over there, by the hill, where it froze in the early mornings and we warmed ourselves with a fire.”

It is an estate at 500 meters altitude, very hot and very dry, but quite humid by the hill. “We used to bring another vineyard. We kept this one well because it was younger. We had other old vineyards, but we let them go for a while because it was unsustainable due to the cheap price of grapes and the rise in labor costs. Now my brothers keep them. I have been recovering and taking care of this estate quite a bit because years ago it was a bit damaged. We also had hazelnut trees, they were all over here. Now I would like to plant more vines in this forest area,” Josep tells us.

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