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Finca Cims – Pastelero de la Maria i en Valentin 2009


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Varieties: Carinyena

Zone: DOQ Priorat

The Pastelero estate is a property located in La Coma, near the village of Porrera, at an altitude of about 400 meters. Ángel, the president of the Porrera Cooperative, is the son of the late María and Valentín. “The estate belonged to a man from Porrera who was a pastry chef. That’s why the estate is called Pastelero. The man sold it to Grau Paleta around the 1930s. But the date is approximate, that’s how they explained it. The vines in the lower part of the estate are about 100 years old,” Ángel comments.

Valentín, Ángel’s father, was a farmer and had estates. “The Pastelero estate was never his. It was leased. In the end, my son, Rubén, also a farmer like his grandfather and father, bought it. When I was young, I used to go to the estate to work, not only with my father but also with Grau Paleta. For a time, I worked as a mason with him, and when there wasn’t much work, he made us go to the vineyard to weed or do whatever was necessary. In those days, it wasn’t ‘I am this and I do this job,’ it was: ‘you work for me, and if there’s no work, then to the field!'” recalls Ángel.

“In those days, vineyards were not managed as they are now; they were something extra. There were only a few rows of old vines in Porrera, which didn’t produce much and were not well cared for. Usually, they were for home wine consumption. It’s only been 4 days since the old vineyards have become valuable. It was from the wine boom, in the early 90s. But many old vineyards were lost. I have just bought a hazelnut estate down here, and I am cleaning it up, and the vines are emerging. In the 1950s, many hazelnut trees were planted because they were more profitable.”

The estate faces west, and there are vines of different varieties: cariñena, garnacha, picapoll. “The grapes are of quality, but when I worked the estate, I cursed it because there are vines among the rocks, which is very costly,” concludes Ángel.

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