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Cims de Porrera Classic 1998 1,5L


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Varieties: Carinyena

Zone: DOQ Priorat

In 1996, Cims de Porrera was born out of concern for the abandonment of Porrera’s hundred-year-old and autochthonous vineyard (Carignan and Garnacha) which grows on slate land, at an altitude of between 350-600 meters, a gradient in slopes of 40-50% and an average production of 300-500 gr. of grapes per vine. The difficult working conditions, together with the low economic profitability obtained by the winegrowers, caused the people of the town to abandon those vineyards.

The initiative for the recovery of these vineyards and the commitment to high quality wines was started together with the members of the Cooperativa del Pueblo, from whom Cims de Porrera buys the grapes. The result of the work of the Pérez Family and the winegrowers who have worked those lands for generations, is Cims de Porrera: a path of recognition towards what we understand by “the Priorat’s own expression”

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